Air Conditioners

Air-conditioning is that process used to create and maintain certain temperature, relative humidity and air purity conditions in indoor spaces. This process is typically applied to maintain a level of personal comfort.

It's also used in industrial applications to ensure correct operation of equipment or machinery that need to operate in specific environmental conditions or alternatively to be able to carry out certain industrial processes, such as welding, which produce considerable amounts of heat that needs to be disposed of in some manner.

An air-conditioning system must be effective regardless of outside climatic conditions and involves control over four fundamental variables: air temperature, humidity, movement and quality.


The distinction between industrial and personal comfort applications is not always clear cut. Industrial air-conditioning usually requires better precision as regards temperature and humidity control. Some application also demands a high degree of filtering and removal of contaminants.

Comfort air-conditioning on the other hand, as well as needing to satisfy personal temperature-humidity requirements, also involves other fields such as architectural design, weather forecasting, energy consumption and sound emissions to recreate the ideal conditions for human psychophysiological well-being.


The main process underlying air-conditioning is the exchange of heat and water vapour between the indoor and outdoor environments and the people inside the air-conditioned space. 


  • Bulkhead

    The bulkhead systems are designed to sit entirely within your ceiling space and distribute air via discreet grilles.

    Their slim, low-profile design makes them the perfect choice for commercial applications where ceiling space is limited.

    These units are perfect for renovated spaces as they can be factored in to the finished design to provide a quiet, efficient and integrated heating and cooling solution.

  • Ceiling Cassette

    Due to the unique design of the DC fan motors the ceiling cassettes are some of the slimmest on the market, allowing for ease of installation.

    A versatile solution for a wide variety of commercial spaces, such as fitness centres, retail shops, small to medium offices, cafes, restaurants and more, the single and three-phase models range in capacity from 5.0 to 14kw.

    The units are designed with a built-in drain pump as standard and have Blue Fin coating on the condenser unit for improved corrosion protection in coastal areas or extreme weather conditions.

  • Ceiling Suspended

    Our Ceiling Suspended indoor units have a compact design in height and include a new and improved flap control technology that allows the user to select from six flap positions for a perfect airflow angle. The system is operated conveniently from a wired control panel.

    With a wide capacity range of 7.1 – 14kW and availability in single or three phase models, the Ceiling Suspended models are ideal for use in cafes, retail shops and smaller offices.

    They offer improved installation workability with multiple refrigerant piping layouts, making this a flexible option for more complex designs.

  • Ducted

    With a discreet, low profile design that can be completely concealed in a ceiling and with a variety of capacities and control options available, our ducted systems offer a flexible solution for any commercial application including open plan offices, shops, schools, restaurants or any large, multi-room space.

    All our ducted systems are reverse cycle and come in both medium and high static designs, making them the perfect heating and cooling for any application, no matter what the duct design.

  • Floor Standing

    Designed for applications where wall space is at a premium or where a wall mounted system is not suitable, floor standing systems are comprised of an indoor unit which is installed on the wall, close to the floor and can be semi-recessed into the wall and an outdoor unit which is placed on an adjacent wall on the exterior of your building.

    Coming in a range of sizes and being reverse cycle, floor standing systems are suitable for heating and cooling small commercial spaces.

  • Multi Split

    With the ability to connect one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, all of which can be individually controlled, our Multi Split systems offer a space saving and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling commercial spaces with multiple rooms.

    With the ability to connect up to six indoor units to one outdoor unit, a maximum pipe run of up to 90m in some models and a maximum height difference of up to 20m, our Multi Split systems are flexible and versatile making configuring solutions for any commercial application, including multi storey offices, restaurants, etc.

  • Portable

    A portable air-conditioner works by pulling the warm air from your room, removing and expelling the heat (and humidity, if it has a dehumidifying function), and filling your room with cooler, drier air. Its built-in thermostat ensures the set temperature in your room is consistently maintained.

    Due to its more compact size and one-directional airflow, a portable air conditioner works most efficiently in its immediate area. Your family room or bedroom, for example, is ideally sized for a portable air-con. You’ll need a standard power point nearby, a window or exhaust to vent to, and you’re good to go.

  • Wall Mounted Split

    Wall mounted split systems are Australia’s most popular solution for heating and cooling single rooms or smaller spaces. They’re easy to install, efficient to run and come in a range of designs to suit any commercial application.

    Comprised of an indoor unit which is installed on an interior wall and an outdoor unit which is placed on an adjacent wall on the exterior of your building, these split systems provide a stylish and convenient solution to heating or cooling small to medium spaces.

    Our wall mounted units are available in a range of capacities to suit any application, with both reverse cycle and cool only models available.

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